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 Darrin Wright's vehicles    Related pages: Darrin's Monegeeta photographs.
Darrin is located in Darwin and has a growing collection of military vehicles. He's emailed these images.

I'll let Darrin tell the story:

" The Chev was my first vehicle and took me 7 years for a ground up
restoration (bought from NE Truck Wreckers in 1991) and the Dodge took 4
years (had to get it ready for year of the Dodge) bought in the Darwin
region then I moved to Puckapunyal.
I am slowly collecting the bits for the Bren and have another hull for
parts and bits at my parents place.
The Chev photos were taken after 19 Feb 05 when the vehicle came out for
the bombing of Darwin anniversary, currently stored at the Aviation museum
in Darwin NT."

The C60L.
Darrin's WC 52 Dodge
The LP2A awaiting it's turn. Looks like it's going to outlast the 1980s Conform-o-door in the background. ARN 89134 is a late one.
These pics give a good idea of the degree of thoroughness of the restoration.
The next page features a C60S tipper rescued by Darrin with an interesting history.