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 Dai hard      
No, not the result of some horrible accident, but rather my daughter's car which she had left at a railway station carpark overnight.
According to the police it happened around 9PM Friday night, caused by some "dickheads".
This was the scene which greeted me Saturday morning after a call from the local police.

What you can't quite see here is they "tagged" one of the doors which might lead police to identify the culprit.

I emailed this photograph to my special effects brother who said he thought my pic was an internet hoax and modified it to what he claimed was the real shot... seen on the right.
Never mind, Euan with his CGT to the rescue! Is there no end to the practical uses for a CMP?
I took the 3 spark plugs out to make sure it wasn't hydraulicked, removed the oil soaked air cleaner element, refilled the sump and drove it home.
Unfortunatelty the roof above the windscreen has been crumpled enough to crack the screen, making it a virtual write-off.