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 Testing at Monegeeta    Related pages: Monegeeta: The Australian Army Trials Facility - a 2 page article by Mike Cecil.

A F15A power to weight experiment at Monegeeta.

Darrin Wright's other vehicles.
This interesting series of images come to us courtesy of Darrin Wright and were taken at Monegeeta, the army's proving ground near Sunbury during and after the war.
This C60L has taken a run through the bog. The driver is pointing out the diff scrape mark. Another boggy shot, this time a GMC. Note the "X" for experimental tac sign.
A fresh shot of the experimental CMP halftrack. A ground clearance test for a F15A with sunshine roof. Note the bumper assembly has been removed. The front spring mounts have also been modified.
Another halftrack, this time a 1942 Ford based one. The Ford jacknifed with an 18 pounder the cause.
Another jacknife, this time a Chevrolet C60L. Looks like a head-on for this Dodge D60L.
This Chevrolet has had a serious roll-over and from the oil looks like it wound up inverted. The vehicle park.
A nasty roll for this Mack.
Nice shot of the workshop.
Growsers fitted to a GMC
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