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Don Dingwall's C15A discovery

In September 2002 Don Dingwall purchased this C15A which had been used as a snowplough. Don comments: "Found it quite by accident a few weeks back when I was looking at another that was not for sale. This Chev C15A Wireless has been stored indoors for 40 years, runs, is painted red (of course...), has two little rust holes in the inner fenders (more may yet be found, but still tired, greasy and wet from bringing it home right now....), and has a gargantuan snow plow attached to it (We couldn't even get all of it home--had to leave half the plow behind, back to get that next week). It has a 1954 Pontiac 258 CI straight six in it, and starts pretty well. No brakes though, which made for an eventful unloading process.... Original rubber& rims x 6, all four chain sets, but no original body. Just a glorified flatbed. But the cab has virtually no rust, no holes, a few minor dents on the outer edges of the fenders, and the previous owner cared for it well."
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