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Australian collector Mike Kelly has drawn up the local pattern side curtains. Many CMPs here use what they imagine are NOS side curtains which are in fact made in the late 50s to suit Chevrolets. These are what your Australian CMP should have...

Mike Kelly owns a C8AX and a 1940 C8 cab 11. In addition to CMPs, Mike is interested in US and British vehicles. He also has a Morris-Commercial website

A wartime pic of a F15 A with sunshine roof and the local pattern side curtains. This vehicle was also fitted with a wireless aerial mount. A C60L with Australian side curtains. This cab was manufactrured in Australia by General Motors- Holden. Reference image here.

Inside and outside of surviving side curtain at the Bandiana museum. See also the canvas page.

Also see a pair rescued from the scrapper in 2003.

More drawings - page 2.