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A Crossley in Darwin

These pictures were taken in the later part of the war and come from the RSL archive. The vehicle is a Crossley, a highly unusual vehicle to see in Australia. Probably it was brought back from the Western Desert campaign.

These pictures were taken at Berrimah, located near Darwin in the Northern Territory. It was the site of 5 Fighter Sector Headquarters (5FSHQ), RAAF, renamed 105 Fighter Control Unit (105 FCU).
Peter Dunns website has a page on Berrimah.

According to the Observers Fighting Vehicles Directory it's a "Truck, 3 ton 4X4 Crossley Q type. 4 cylinder 96 BHP 12.00X20 tyres.

To quote from the photographer's notes: "For the ground station we had mobile tenders...which comprised a truck and a trailer, one for each squadron. These were erected in various parts of N.T. and maintained communication with the aircraft. One tender housed the receivers and another the generating plant. These tenders were self-contained units complete with all the necessary equipment for the installation and general maintenance of a radio station. Cooking utensils and two sleeping bunks were also provided. But they were not fitted for the tropics and we carried out certain modifications such as fitting electric fans, fixing fly-proof wire over the windows, etc. before leaving NSW for Darwin."

"The order to move from Berrimah came about March at the end of the wet season. These photographs show what happened when the big crossley truck got bogged whilst we were moving. It took us three days to get the truck onto the dry land. We dug out the mud, laid tree trunks in front and behind...but not before we had completely spoilt the natural camouflage of the area. When we had finished quite a large area around the track had been cleared either by cutting down the trees or the ploughing of both the tractor and truck through the pampas grass. The officer commanding the fighter sector was not amused!"