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 Album of LAC W. Craddock, RAAF    See also Aircraft images - page 2  
These photographs were loaned to me by Peter Craddock and were mostly taken by his father in the Western Desert campaign during WW2. Between May 1942 and September 1943 he served with 3 Squadron RAAF. In August his records show he was awarded 14 days field punishment and fined 1 day's pay for being AWOL for 18 hours, by his C.O. RH "Bobby" Gibbes, whom I interviewed for the Temora Aviation Museum DVD. The images are an interesting record of life in a desert squadron, featuring both aircraft and vehicles. Many of these images were tiny contact prints which have been enlarged for clarity.
W. Craddock standing next to a Ford WOA2 Heavy Utility, probably painted light stone, a yellow colour. Note the rolled up canvas radiator muff under the grille.
Another shot of the Ford, showing desert living conditions, probably whilst on the move.
A couple of shots of a Dodge D15.
A rather unusual image of a Ford F15. Group shot around the rear of an aircraft recovery trailer.
1940 left hand drive Ford. A Model 79 Fordson Sussex, The door markings indicate 3 Squadron's letters CV
Winston Churchill visits Castel Benito. He had travelled in the prototype Avro York which had been specially fitted out, and named Ascalon, the name of the sword with which St. George slayed the dragon. Churchill travelled under the pseudonym of Mr. Bullfinch.
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