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Coomandook, South Australia February 2002.

This small town on the Western Highway between Melbourne and Adelaide is home to a number of interesting ex-military vehicles.
Just visible from the road, this relic caught my attention, so I stopped for a stickybeak.
Carrier page link.
Closer inspection (over the fence) reveals an uncut LP2A Carrier hull.
These pictures were taken with the camera held over the fence - unable to see the viewfinder I hoped for t he best.
Just near the carrier was this White Scout Car in fairly dilapidated condition. These vehicles were said to have been sold to an Adelaide-based collector.
Scout car link.
Very cut hull of a Stuart. A good turret lies nearby.
In a nearby yard is this Chevrolet C15 in very rusted condition. It was for sale (minus the front bumper) for $500.