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In March 2003 Colin Anserson, orchardist and collector held an auction to sell much of his lifetime's collection of vehicles, parts and memorabilia. Colin is a well respected restorer of military vehicles and has restored such rarities as a Chevrolet #9 CGT as well as Australian armoured cars. The military auction, held at his property on Saturday March 1st drew well over 1000 people. Prices varied considerably but as Colin admits, he had a smile on his face.

I was busy with the broadcast video camera but did manage to take a few stills as well, which are augmented by Euan McDonald. Whilst I was too busy filming for you good people to get all the prices I do have some for you.

The star of the auction, a LP2A carrier made $16,500 and was sold to a buyer in Rochester, Victoria; Col's 1939 Marmon-Herrington LP3 gun tractor sold for $11,500; a restored Jeep for the same amount.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.

Ford CMP based Mk II Rover armoured car sold for $6,000      
Looking like a billy cart for an overgrown boy, a Ford/M-H Dingo sold for $2,900 in running order. This was one of the last of approximately 245 built. Several are either being restored or are under restoration.    
A delightful and extrememely rare Morris CS8 sold to Mike Kelly for $3,250 The Morris was a genuine veteran of the North African campaign and was very complete.    
Here's a real rarity - NOS WW2 10.50X20 tyres. This pair made $200.      
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