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 Chevrolet CGT 5 ton Peters crane      
Whilst almost 100 CGT No8 (Aust) were built, there is only evidence of two completed No 9 versions. The second of these has been found and photographed in Wodonga before it was sold in 2004. The other option is of course that this is the same vehicle after a cabin has been made. See below.
The question is, is this the other No.9? The evidence for is it is a late production as evidenced by the round instrument dash and the door fillet to adapt it to canvas doors. Where was this built? It looks like the Peters Crane was built in Redfern in Sydney, going by the signs on the building.
Here's an interesting comparison. On the right is the CGT taken in Wodonga in 2003.

It's just possible the two finished trucks were sent for conversion to this format rather than being issued.

If it is the same vehicle, what's changed? A coachbuilt cab, different wheels on both the truck and crane, some additional body panels, but otherwise it would seem they are either the same truck or from the same engineering works.
More pics of this vehicle.
This batch of photographs was taken after the crane had been moved prior to collection by it's new owner.
A very similar conversion existed in Yarra Junction in 1973, and although on 16" wheels, the cut off cab frame indicates it may have been a CGT, although the small fuel tanks possibly point to a C15A Wireless conversion.