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 CGT N0 6, Melbourne Tank Museum    Related pages: Alberton C60S cab chassis.
Belfield collection, 1973.
Ron Fry's vehicle.
Unlike many of the surviving No 6 Artillery tractors which were never fitted to trucks, John Belfield's actually came from a complete vehicle. This one sits on the back of an AEC Matador.
Update 2005: This body has been sold to Rod Dux in Queensland for restoration.
Spare wheel carrier. The right-hand side was for the Bofors trailer spare while the other side held the 10.50 20 for the truck.
Rotting crew seats. The one on the right is from the rear deck. Double doors had full length lockers for spare barrels for the Bofors.
Once painted over for disposal, the vehicle's ARN is evident. Internally there is a locker between the spare wheels. The doors, although about the same size as the No 8 and 9 tractors are different, with a raised rib pattern.
The rot has really set in on the roof section. Right hand external locker above the bofors trailer spare.
Rifle clips