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Chevrolet CGT #8, Tasmania      

In January 2003 Euan McDonald and his wife Katrina travelled to Tasmania to attend a wedding. While sightseeing Euan spotted the end of a jib sticking out from behind a falling down farm shed.

The truck was found at Melton Mowbray, between Hobart and Launceston.

Turned out to be this rather battered example... then Euan noticed something odd about the roofline... Having knocked on the door of a nearby house without result he decided to brave dogs, chooks and some animal living in the Blitz to take these pictures... ....after all, it's not every day one discovers the remains of a Chevrolet CGT #8. In fact, the straight-roofed Australian pattern #8 is very rare in either version, but for some reason there are more Fords than Chevs. The only known intact survivor is in Queensland. There are remains of the rear body in Adelaide and rumours of a complete but rusty body somewhere else in Tasmania.    
  The distinctive "B" pillar of a CGT.    
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