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The GMC Deuce and a half was a 2 1/2 ton 6X6 vehicle used in Australia and the Islands by both the US and Australian forces. Post-war they often worked alongside CMP vehicles
New Australian Army open cab example
These four pictures were taken in the mid 1980s at Stackpools yard in Ararat. They used both GMC and CMP 6X6 (C60X) to build drilling trucks.
1976, Bill Drew's.

Near Castlemaine, 1987

Frankston, 1976

Looks like a CMP cab 12 roof added to this GMC. 1974 See pic of yellow cab right
Hanno Spoelstra recognised this as a rare CCKW 352 airportable version. Pity I was unaware of such things in the early 70s or I would have been much more thorough with the pics.

This picture was taken some 20 years later in Ararat.