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This event was held in Canada in June 2005 at Chatsworth, Ontario, home of Jeff and Dan Caldwell, who also have a CMP website.
For more pictures and information, see the MLU forum.
These photographs were kindly emailed to me by Bob Carriere
A very nice pair of C15A vehicles, the vehicle on the left an early cab 13 and on the right a late pattern version. Externally the main differences are the roof hatch, position of the radiator overflow tank and the lifting slings on the hubs of the later vehicle.
The water truck belongs to the Caldwells.
This is Joh Skagfeld's C15A, an excellent example.
The round roof hatch is a feature of late production Canadian built trucks.
Inside, the late style dash with round instruments (above) and below, the earlier commercial style dash.
The very early cab 13 Chevrolet vehicles had a black hard rubber steering wheel whilst these both use the wooden variety.
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