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Carrier production in Western Australia

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The following images were sent to me by Jack McRoberts (who also sent me the images of the New Zealand FATs. The carrier pics below were loaned to Jack by Murray Connell. Jack notes:

"Attached are some pictures of carriers produced in WA, at the State Engineering Works in North Fremantle. Mike Cecil states in his Military Equipment Profile book on the Carrier, that there were 100 produced quite late in WW2 in WA. In subsequent correspondence with him, he indicated he was still unsure whether it was 100 or 200. Nonetheless, those produced here were somewhat different in that among other things, the idler wheel and the return roller were made without rubber and you can just make that out if you look at the front idler wheel on the second picture.

Some other later modifications to carriers which were included on these WA produced ones involved the fitting of mufflers and option to use the mufflers or route the exhaust straight through. There was also a bolt on flange fitted to the drive sprockets (which Col Anderson insists was always removed in practice due to the frequency with which the track broke, as mud and stones accumulated around the flange).

The production line photo is interesting (to me at least) in that the first two carriers in the photo are facing away from the camera while the remainder are facing towards. An interesting production line technique ? There doesn't seem to be any turntable in evidence."

Production line