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John Belfield's Melbourne Tank Museum at Narre Warren in Victoria has a large collection of carriers, mostly unrestored, but two are on display in the main hall.
Unfortunately most are missing their ID plates.
Dwarfed by the Buffalo, thie LP2A carrier is fully operational. The collection has several Buffaloes.
This 2 pounder tank attack carrier is also on display. See page on tank attack carriers. This 2 pounder tank attack carrier was recovered from a RAAF range.
In the storage yard is this nice unrestored LP2A. Rear view shows the original stowage bins are present.
Near the gate is this mostly uncut Carrier
Cut down, this carrier has been re-engined with a Holden Grey motor.
Strickland conversion.
Rare in Australia is this US Ford built T16 Carrier. The T16 is longer and has extra bogie wheels.
Steering levers are used in place of a wheel in the T16.
The all welded hull also sets it apart from locally built carriers. Differential steering was another difference.