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Cowra Museum, 2004.
Not a lot left here at Greta West. 2003.
Tracked truck, Bandiana 1993. This was one of the prototypes. No production version was built. The front idler steering mechanism was the same as for the proposed LP3 carrier which, although prototyped was not produced. In 2005 I profiled the Tracked Truck .
1724 and 2704 from Ian Styles collection, Temora.
LP2A in storage, Puckapunyal. Although it looks good it has spent a long time in a creek bed and the lower part is rusted away. Tantilisingly illegible, this is the plate from the carrier on the left.
In the same yard is this Strickland conversion, a LP2A hull number 1572 built by the South Australian Railways. Note the spacers, common to this modification.