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Some 5000 plus Australian built carriers were made in a number of variants. Here's a selection of pictures, starting with some I took in the 1970s.
(Above and below) This LP2A I photographed in the early 1970s in Fieglins Timberyard, Nunawading. This almost uncut hull would make a nice restoration project if it were still around. Most of the engine cover is still on this Carrier seen in Trentham, 1973.
The position of the seat marks this as a Strickland carrier conversion.
Also at Fieglins.
Gilderoy, 1972. The same carrier as above.
Bill Drew's yard, 1974. Fieglins, 1972.
Near Warburton, 1972 (above and lower 2 images). This is also a Strickland conversion. Yarra Junction.
Note the cleats for added traction. The curved shape of the cuts to the armour are distinctive.
4 pictures taken in 1974 at Barker's Garage, Wesburn. That's my father in the background.
British built Carrier, 1972. Ballan area. Nearby were the remains of this cut down carrier.
Half track conversion, Warburton, 1971, using a CMP winch and parts of the fairleads. Note the additional mud cleats on the tracks.
Specialised timber snigging conversion. This is not a Strickland conversion.