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Canadian Impressions

Many people wonder just what some of the characters behind MLU look like. Well, here are a few, with more to come.
Here's Geoff Winnington-Ball, crewcut, decisive, enroute to Camp Borden Group shot Geoff, myself and Marc Montgomery take in the sun (?) near Toronto, February 2001.

Geoff showing a certain Aussie the door, Casa Zephyr, Ontario.

In a pub on my second night in Canada, L to R Empress Julia, self, Geoff, Jon Skagfeld and Marc Montgomery.
Jon Skagfeld, singing the Monty Python "Lumberjack" song.
Marc Montgomery, publisher of Convoy Magazine
Mr. HUP, or HUPmiester, AKA Brian Gough with his prototype HUP and right standing on his C15TA at the "Chicken Farm"

The Empress Julia, hostess with the mostess, known for her fear of Vegemite (seen here responding to the Vegemite challenge)

Mere moments after the photo below was taken, Jif prepares for another day at the office...
More Vegemite mayhem at Casa Zephyr with Steph, who's not too sure what to make of it. 6.45 AM, minus 7C outside, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go...
Canuck health food - all smothered with Maple Syrup. With apologies to Michael Dorosh
She's a - gonna git ya! The prototype Cab 13 is carefully driven out for the first time by it's passionate designer. "I just had to make more room in the cabs for the poor dears" she is reported to have said. Her compassion knows no bounds.
She was also intimately involved in prototype testing. She took her vocation seriously. She even took her comfort testing seriously, if she couldn't spend a night at the drive-in in her CMP, then neither could the Army.    
Close personal assistant to the designer checks out the brake operator's chair on a #6 Australian Pattern Bofors Tractor The happy crew about to set off on another adventure.
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