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Maloneys Truck wreckers, 1973.
Gippsland 1973 (above and right)
Gippsland 1973 Frankston 1974. Note the Signals Van bodies at right.
This pictrure was taken by Peter Growse some time in the 1970s - location to be confirmed. Ararat, 1971. This truck is still in existence.
Bridge Street, Eltham early 1970s (above and right)
Stackpools, Ararat 1988 (above and right)
Woods Point 1973
Ringwood, 1971 Another day, another angle, this time lifting a concrete septic tank. Note the oil on the inside of the tyre, indicating a leaking hub oil seal. This truck is a late production vehicle judging by the position of the overflow tank under the front shell in a similar location to the Ford tank.
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