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Chevrolet C15 6 seat Utility

The Australian equivalent of the Canadian C8A Heavy Utility Personnel. Also see the MV Field Spec 1023 page for the original vehicle specifications.
Hugh Davis example.

The C15 above was photographed in the 1950s. The number plates indicate a 1946 registration. At this time it had just been purchased by Bernie Cockerill of Toora, Vic. He used it to carry cinema equipment around the small Gippsland town halls. It is quite likely to have been used to show "The Back of Beyond" during it's career. I was told it had ben used during the war to carry workers for the local milk factory, an essential service.
It was subsequently sold to Dooley Clark, a farmer in the hills behind Toora which is where I first saw it in 1973.

Dooley's nephew Bob remarked the truck used to get up to an impressive speed in Dooley's hands, some 80 MPH!
Apparently in it's latter years it became a smokescreen layer as the engine wore out.
Bob also told me the story of seeing the truck attached to a plough on the side of a steep hill with Dooley underneath it.
On investigation he discovered Dooley was tweaking up the brakes on the uphill wheel to get more traction.

Dooley bought the truck around 1956 and drove it until around 1967. His driver's licence coming "from the back of a cornflakes packet".

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The C15 eventually succumbed to rust. It had been parked for several years under cypress trees, the pollen from the flowers contains sulphur which makes an acid rain.

Dooley Clark in 1979. He died in the mid 1980s


The colour pictures were taken in January 2001. It doesn't matter how decrepit they get there's still a beauty about them, isn't there! Braving Eastern Brown snakes, Tiger snakes and red belly black snakes I ventured into Dooley's vehicle graveyard to bring you these pictures.


The fuel tanks were modified.


Update November 2001

Euan and I (with the Clarke's permission) attaked the remains with gas axe and spanners, removing most things we thought could be recycled. In the process, 3 rather large Huntsman Spiders which charged out only to be fried by the Oxy! Not much of the remains were of any use, but Euan did manage to score the Holden badge from the top of the engine cover.

Rather surprisingly the engine still turned, although there didn't seem to be much compression and it issued nasty sounding clunking noises. We decided to leave it there.      
My 9 year old son Sam in Euan's trailer. That's Euan with the gas axe in the background.      
Hot work...    
What better way to relax after a hard day of CMP cutting than to have a barbecue on the "Blitz Grille" with Kangaroo steak marinated in Vegemite... fit for a King! Gotta love that criss-cross pattern the Ford grille imparts to the steaks!