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Chevrolet C15A


New C15A with sunshine roof and Australian produced 2A general service body. These bodies were made in two basic versions by General Motors-Holdens for both Chevrolet and Ford CMPs. This one has the extra storage box in the wheel valances.

Another sunshine roof C15A, this time without the valance boxes. The spare tyre carrier is unusually mounted facing the right (oncoming traffic) side. Note the pick and helve mounted on the body. Reference image

Brand new C15A with sunshine roof photographed at the GM-H factory      

C15A photographed in Delegate, ACT in 1979.

Photograph by Mike Kelly of a C15A for sale by the Brunswick City Council in the 70s. It was registered (1947 plates), and had 4 new tyres. The asking price? A$700!


A couple of pics sent to me from Belgium, taken by Christian Toumpsin who explains:

"The two color pictures were taken during the parade of July 21, 2001 (Belgian National Day). There was a special parade to honore our former Gendarmerie. This paramilitary police force used lot of CMP out of British surplus of WWII. The vehicle on the picture is a recently restored one owned by the Historical Service of the Police."

C15A or re-cabbed CGT? A fairly heavy-duty yard crane lost in the blackberries at Yarrawonga. This truck has be retrofitted with a Ford front shell.      
C15A fire tender, Len Watkins collection, 1998. This originally towed a GM-H built Jupiter pump mounted on a trailer.      
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