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Chevrolet C15

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The C15 (4X2) chassis was used for a variety of bodies in Australia including the personnel carrying role.

Truck, 6 seater utility WO3 Personnel carrier (pic from John Belfield's album, 1975)
See the Ford Version in factory pictures.

C15 GS (Aust) #1 photographed at Bandiana during the war.

Above and right Personnel carrier, Wonyip 1972. The rust has since had the better of this vehicle and little remains.

Somebody's project seen in Ringwood, early 70s.

Further along the Maroondah Highway was this C15 under threat in a sawmill. Note the Studebaker US6 in the background.

Lyndhurst, 1998. Cab from a C15 with an improvised sun visor.

Three pics of an interesting C15 with what appears to be original canvas. Apart from a missing toolbox the truck seems very presentable.

Seen in South Africa via Hanno Spoelstra. Note the telescopic shockers. Have a look at it's data plate. Here's Hanno's notes: "These pictures were taken by our Danish friend Sten Boye Poulsen, while on a recent trip to South Africa. Sten went on a two day trip to Fish River Canyon in Namibia. To his great surprise he spotted this Chevrolet C15 in a junkyard, close to his lodgings. He tried to find out just how it had ended up there, however, nobody knew the answer. The letter 'X' after the serial stands for Export. Instead of 'XG' I'd expect to find 'X9', which stands for a CKD CMP C15 15-cwt 4x2 Chevrolet destined for South Africa. Note that the assembly plant in South Africa did not bother to strike the engine and body serial etc. in the data plate. I would like to know whether the South Africans fitted their own rear bodies or a Canadian built ones?"

Incidentally, Sten has his own C15TA site, well worth a visit.

Coomandook, South Australia
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