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Bruce Wiltshire's photo album      
In November 2003 Bruce sold his CGT to Euan McDonald, and also shared his photo album with photographs dating from the early 1980s.
Sadly Bruce passed away in 2005.
Catalinas seen at Lake Boga in the 1940s. Bruce's father converted a pair of Cruiser tanks in the 1940s to Bulldozer configuration.
C60L Sawmill crane by the look of it. Tidy F60L cab/chassis.
Late production F60L. The discarded half of a Holden-built Signals van.
A cut down M3A1 White Scout Car.
Bruce's first restoration of a Military Vehicle, this one a 1941 F60L cab 12. Before and after.
This is a CGT #9 body mounted on a C15 chassis, seen by Bruce in South Australia where it was still in use. It's likely this was once another of the new old stock No.9 bodies.
An unusual Carrier conversion - two of these Carriers were bought by Ian Styles.