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Boxing Day 2002      
Whilst many Aussies soaked up the sun or watched Australia thrash the English in the Cricket, Euan and I had something different in mind. The task was to change a gearbox and fix an engine oil leak in the F15A before it heads north.
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10AM Boxing Day: The truck before touching anything Euan ripped the grille off and radiator out while I disconnected things inside the cab. We had planned to remove the front shell to make the job easier, but decided the use of the forklift might make this unnecessary. After all, there is a lot of wiring to disconnect, not to mention the troublesome driver's footplate with all it's small captive nuts to worry about.    
Close-up of the engine. When I bought the truck this had a helmet type distributor which I replaced (after a lot of trouble with the integral coil) with a crab type. This necessitated the fabrication of a spacer behind the distributor which Peter Growse made. As is sometimes the case I found one partly buried at Hughes Trading some two years later. Euan manueuvers the forklift into position. We intend to take the engine and gearbox out as a unit.    
Tie down straps are attached just behind the bell housing and around the front of the motor. We added an extra strap to secure the rear one to the forks. Sacrilege! Butchery! We found we couldn't get quite enough height so we did the expedient thing. It's no surprise later Fords were fitted with a removable section here. The alternative was to remove the whole front shell. The hacksaw method only took a couple of minutes...    
...and the unit was out. Euan's workmate "Blue" was there to assist. The gearbox had a habit of jumping out of third gear which was annoying as it is the one used when cornering. The lower rear bolts on the gearbox are awkward to remove as they hide behind the brake pipes. The other very awkward part to remove is the bolt securing the front of the handbrake mounting just above the starter.    
The engine kept leaking rusty water each time we moved it. With the sump off the cause of the engine leaks becomes apparent - it was leaking from the wick seal on the front of the crankshaft as well as the cork gasket on the rear of the sump.    
The gearbox has fairly badly worn and chipped teeth. This is the 3rd gear. I had been told when I bought the truck it had new bearings and gears. Buyer beware! The cork seal on the rear of the motor. A new repro gasket set was used. We also remembered to replace the lock wire on the rear main bearing cap!    
Euan had a good second hand gearbox which we fitted. You can see the clutch throw-out bearing with it's grease lubricator. The original gearbox was missing it's return spring which we found mashed up in the bell housing. With the motor slotted back in Euan Mig welds the cross piece back into place.    
  12AM December 27th. After a long day most things had been done and all than remained to do the next morning was to finish refitting the engine wiring, handbrake, bumper and fill all the fluids and lubricants. We were delayed considerably by having to find another gearbox as the one I had intended using had some rust on one of the gears. The end result