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Boronia RSL album

These images come from a photograph album belonging to the Boronia RSL in Melbourne. Makes you wonder what else might be stored in RSL clubs around the country. It's a black bound album with the initials DLV on the cover.
A stop at Adelaide River on the road to Darwin where many men embarked for New Guinea and ports beyond. The trucks are 1941 Fords
This one was marked Manunda. Note the cab 12 CMP and Jeeps.
Another shot from Manunda - this time stretcher equipped Jeeps having loaded their patients on board a hospital ship.
Laying matting on an airfield.
Kittyhawks with a Dodge Weapons Carrier.
A badly damaged B-24 Liberator. View of the aircraft dump with a Beaufighter in the foreground. Liberator parts are also visible in the background.
A row of Chevrolet C60X tankers waiting to fuel Kittyhawks. More aircraft, this time Douglas C-47 Dakotas with a CMP.