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Images from Borneo, 1944-5

These pictures come to us from the RSL archives and were from an album belonging to a soldier named McMahon.
Japanese surrender
Japanese being driven presumably to a surrender ceremony. Note white cross over Japanese hinomaru on aircraft, a condition of surrender. The aircraft seen above and below is a Tachikawa Ki 54 "Hickory" of 10 Dokuritsu Hikodan Shireibu. Thanks to Don Marsh for the aircraft ID. More Japanese - travelling in the Jeep trailer.
Japanese aviators looking surprisingly comfortable amongst so many Aussies! This looks to be the same aircraft in the pic above right.
Late production F60L with wooden body on jetty. Palm trees show evidence of battle.

Jeep 160277 with GMC CCKW in background. Gracie Fields is seen alighting.

Relaxed scene with CMP 3 tonners in background.
Interesting aerial shot of a US dump. I discovered 2 CMPs in this picture - about the only things mobile here. Larger view of wrecked aircraft and vehicles.
Just above the aircraft in this image is what looks like a cab 12 long wheelbase CMP. To the right - this one is definitely a CMP - cab 13 with the driver's window open.
Remains of Mitsubishi Betty with Australians posing in front. Surrendeder cross visible on the fin of this aircraft which is a Ki51 Sonia which served with 89 Dokuritsu Chutai. Thanks to Don Marsh for this ID.
Badly damaged (bombed) Japanese aircraft.