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 Ford F60S Ex RAAF tipper in Broken Hill    Related pages: Ringwood Timber tippers.
Cowley's Tree Felling.
This Ford F60S was purchased on ebay in 2005 by Phillip Hillier of Broken Hill.
The truck came from Dareton near Mildura, and was evidently used by the Mildura Shire Council.
It's quite intact, although missing a few fairly easy to find parts.
Phillip has been wanting to buy a CMP since he was 17, but it took him 26 further years to make it happen.
He intends to fully restore the vehicle which is good news for the CMP community.
Phillip sends us these images.
The official nomenclature for Army use was:

MV Field Spec 1389 Trucks 3-ton tipping 2 1/2 cub yards (Aust) No3

The truck at Dareton ready to be loaded.
Moving preparations.
Phillip's two helpers - his sons Jake (behind the wheel) and Ethan. What fun is in store for them! The Ford has all the late production features - round instrument dash, steel foot pedals...
A domed bonnet (hood). Interesting painted writing in the cab relates to workers' conditions. Also partly visible is the RAAF serial on the front shell - RAAF 2149?.
The RAAF used these trucks in the islands campaign carting crushed coral for road and runway building.