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On this page we take a look at a couple of White Scout Cars and the remains of a Ford Lynx in the collection. Introduction
1941 Chevrolet C8.
Rover armoured car.
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Dodge Weapons Carriers.
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Jim with his AOP version of the Scout car, purchased many years ago from Bevan Fenner. The other Scout Car is in the background. These were modified by the Australian Army and the last were demobbed in the 1970s.
This one is interesting in that it's still in a faded olive drab scheme. Those which made it into the 70s with the Army were generally painted either the camo scheme seen above or gloss deep bronze green. The remains of the ARN can be seen starting with 123 partly obscuring the older US number prefixed USA which was once blue. Another AOP version, this vehicle looks like it was used for it's armour plate by a farmer.
Data plate from the first vehicle.
At first glance this looks like an ordinary farm trailer, but the chassis is anything but. It's a complete Ford Lynx armoured car chassis, which Jim hopes to one day restore. See also Rick Cove's Lynxes, and a Lynx in Australian Army service.
And in another part of the yard are the front axle and engine cover.