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Jim is a farmer whose beautiful property fronts the Murray River. He's been a passionate collector of anything military for most of his life and has rescued many significant artifacts, often from the hands of the scrappers. He is a regular at MV events and is able to swim his DUKW to the Corowa event. Pretty impressive! 1941 Chevrolet C8.
Rover armoured car.
Jim's White Scout Cars.
Jeeps and Seeps, page 1 and page 2.
Dodge Weapons Carriers.
Carriers page 1 and page 2.
This is a recent acquisition, but unfortunately, this LP2A is as yet unidentified. The building in the background came from the Murchison WW2 Prison camp, and Jim wonders whether it may have been the one which housed the prisoners from the German raider Kormoran, after it sank the Australian Cruiser HMAS Sydney. The Kormoran was so badly damaged it was scuttled and the crew became POWs, first being interrogated in Western Australia, then transferred to Camp 13 at Murchison in Victoria. For more information on the Sydney, go to the National Archives page.
Hubs from a Chruchill Crocodile flamethrower trailer. These used AEC Matador rear hubs.
He's also after information on these plates - this one on a Dodge WC51 showing a rebuild. Likewise, this Jeep was rebuilt, this time in Texas before issue to the Australian forces.
Three data plates from a GMC CCKW 353 showing a Dutch rebuild. This vehicle was imported into Australia and didn't serve with the military here.
From an Australian Jeep trailer. A lend-lease Chev - the Khaki is interesting.
Serial number from a LP2A Carrier. This is stamped on an angle iron piece just above the back differential.