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Bendigo Swap Meet 2004     See also Bendigo 2002  
This event is held each year in November, and is a huge affair for the old car enthusiast, each year there seems to be more, and it takes at least half a day to just walk past everything, let alone have a good look. This time I took relatively few photographs, and tried to show a variety of things for sale.
Ford and Chev radiators with a 1940 Ford in the background. Jailbar Ford, 1942 vintage.
Worn out ex-military 9.00X16 tyre was dubious value at $50. It makes you wonder why someone would go to the trouble to cart something as unweildy as this all the way to Bendigo. I wonder if it sold. At least it's the real thing. Vintage motorcycle skeletons.
These two sites are representative of many offering a wonderful array of bits, in this case a lot of Ford Sidevalve engine parts. More Sidevalve parts.
Spotlight in a home made trolley. Everywhere you go there were blokes towing these devices discussing things mechanical. The night before it had rained heavily, and many of the areas were sloppy mud. A more sophisticated trolley. In recent years, more and more household bric-a-brack is appearing, diluting the experience.
Among the thousands of vehicle nameplates, these caught my eye having made a documentary about just such a vehicle. In fact, both a Badger and a Cub appear.
Amazing what some people think will bring money! This "jet simulator" was unusual.
This SS Jag looks like a barn find. It's unrestored and was wearing "CH" plates, so it was mobile. These metal toy cars are advertised for astronomic prices.
This photograph was on the board of the Historic Commercial Vehicles stand. Does anyone know who belongs to it? The load of a Carrier would make driving interesting! You'd be wearing it if you ran into anything.