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Bert Barker's collection      
I met Bert in the early 1970s and remember being amazed by his collection. He has been most encouraging to me, particularly in the early days when he assisted me to collect the gun tractor body from Ringwood Timber. His collection of armour and softskins have changed through the years, but he has always maintained a fascinating collection. His sons Rodney and Trevor have contributed much to the vehicles as well.
I have been photographing Bert's collection since the early 70s with images such as this Mack EH.
  Bert leaning against his excellent US6 Studebaker in October 2002.    
Not quite what you'd call a military vehicle, but a classic nonetheless. This is one of two straight 8 supercharged Auburns which Bert restored in the 1960s. GMC CCKW-353 undergoing long term restoration at the Barker Garage in Wesburn.    
Bert has always been interested in rarities. This certainly qualifies and is a holden-bodied military Chev ute, with a masonite panelled rear body.      
Interesting to know why the windscreen was cut down in this fashion.      
Another relative rarity in Australia, a Yankee Joe Chevrolet 4X4. Pity for the picture that this Dodge Weapons Carrier is shrouded. In it's way it is rare too. Why? It retains it's original wartime paint in good condition.    
The spares Dodge, this one once belonged to the Country Roads Board in Victoria.      
  Son Rod and Bert tell me the truck has been there as long as the trees!    
An unusual Cushman in front of the Dodge. The White Scout Car Bert purchased in the 1970s straight from the army. ARN was 123123.    
Oldsmobile Staff Car. Bert also owns a 1942 Ford Fordor staff car. Both are geniune examples.