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Bandiana Auction July 2001


On the last day of July 2001 the Bandiana museum held a clearing sale to rationalise their collection. Amongst the items were a number of CMPs ranging from parts to complete vehicles. I was unable to attend, but Euan MacDonald did, and kindly provided these photographs. Most vehicles sold for just a few dollars and there were some incredible bargains to be had. All auction prices quoted are in Australian dollars.

Easily the centrepiece of the auction was this ex-RAAF wireless truck on a F60S chassis. Whilst the elements have for many years taken their toll, the truck is extremely intact and original, having only 1245 miles on the odometer from new. It sold for $1,800. Link to page on canvas.
See also a similar vehicle found in Lithgow in 2005.


Often specialised vehicles such as this would receive minimal use, just kept on standby.
Interior reveals the sun visor. The steering wheel had been removed and was lying on the cab floor. Unusual canvas pouch hanging behind the driver's seat, possible stowage for the vehicle logbook.
The engine was siezed and the exhaust system rotted. The lower splash apron is missing. Note the extensive bonding from spare wheel carrier to fuel tank to step and chassis.
Almost intact dash showing 1245 miles from new. One of the instrument lights and the ammeter are missing. The rectangular brass plate (lower right) gave information on the operation of the high pressure engine oil system. Close up of the ID plate - date is undecypherable.

"Lot 691 Chevrolet Blitz Radio Van (poor condition)"


Truth in advertising! This C15A had certainly hit something rather hard and had suffered from the elements.. It sold for A$600. Note the fire extinguisher bracket.
Despite it's appearance it retained some original features such as the internal spare wheel carrier and many other fittings. The Sigvan departs with it's new owner to Adelaide, travelling courtesy of Hugh Davis.