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As part of the 2005 Corowa Swim-in a trip to the Tenix facility and also to other military museums in the area. Unfotrunately cameras were banned at Tenix. This is a selection of shots from the transport museum.
Tony Smith and Rick Malaspina contemplate how they might smuggle out a whole vehicle from the museum. Barbara Thompson models for the camera in front of the museum's Chevrolet Staghound.
Willys staff car ARN 72634 Interesting anti-theft device on this Mk1 International ACCO.
The Ford F30 ambulance has been fitted with a set of original Canadian tyres
Outside is this unusual jerrycan filler and washer (right) of British post-war manufacture.
Under glass is a series of interesting photographs, above is a line of Studebaker US6 taken post-war. WW2 field maintenance pic of cab 13 and 12.
Chevrolet C60S 400 gallon water tanker ARN 66382 International Harvester K6