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Bandiana recovery

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2005 update.
July 2006 updates - page 1 and page 2,

The pictures tell their story... Euan went to recover his other F60L using parts from the crane truck with the intention of flat towing it like the other... so the idea was to remove both axles and the cab from the orange crane, transfer them to the other truck and voila - a tow-home CMP! But would it be this simple? Phase 2 - rear axle removed from the crane (note the army assistant on the hi-lift jack)    
Lifting the F60L to remove old rear axle and roll the new one under... Remove front axle from crane...    
Remove cab from F60L... Remove crane cab    

Simply place cab on F60L (now both axles have been installed)

The local scrappie took the remains of the Ford.

And Robert's your mother's brother! Or so Euan thought until he tried to flat tow it... unfortunately the non-standard front end wouldn't self-steer unlike the obliging one we towed some weeks ago... so the solution was to take up another front axle.    
Several weeks later... Euan single-handedly removes the front axle from the first F60L... ...and with the aid of an ancient and deadly International Farmall crane manages to get the axle onto a loading dock for transport to Bandiana...    
...where it is duly installed under the other F60L... ...Main street, Wodonga. The 16" wheels may look funny but they make the distance.    
Self-portrait on the way home.