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Bandiana 5 - trailers and more wreckovery.

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2005 update.
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In the compound were 2 Carrier, Anti-tank 2 pounder hulls, another F60L Close-up of Carrier, Anti-tank 2 pounder hull.
Jason Philps helps us out with some info... "This trailer is of the same type used by 121 GT Coy in WW2 transporting stores from Alice Springs to Darwin. Ususlly these were towed behind Ford 4X2 trucks.." They intend hooking it up behind a Canadian Dodge (D60).
It's worth checking everything - both diffs were virtually dry.
"T minus 10 and counting..." The intrepid crew prepare for blastoff Scrrrraaapppe! oops! One of the tiedowns came adrift and the cab slid backwards almost off the trailer leaving a long scrape mark and abrading part of the pitman arm. The local boy asked us whether we were going to the tip. Meanwhile Euan and I were ahead and almost onto the freeway ramp and had to reverse with the F60L behind us then perform a U turn. Ah, fun and games!
All better! The rear cab was additionally secured by runnig the winch cable through the first cab.
It just followed along behind us like a great big puppydog, up hill, down dale and around corners with the steering wheel obediently turning. If you try to steer the truck you only push the back of the towing vehicle across.
Euan with the motive power - a GMC ute which usually tows a trailer full of racing cars.