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Bandiana wreckovery

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In August 2001 I accompanied Euan to Bandiana to collect one of the F60Ls and two cabs. While there I took the opportunity to photograph some of the other relics.

The team at work securing the solid towbar to the F60L. We've already changed the rear wheels (to 16"), removed the tailshaft (badly worn universal joint) and replaced a broken front spring hanger, added oil to both diffs which were empty. The truck performed beautifully, towing behind the big GMC ute at around 90km/h like a big docile dog. Our solid towbar incorporated a safety chain and we also used a rear board with trailer lights. We also moved most of the heavy items in the tray to a trailer. The body was sitting loose on the chassis and had to be secured. Euan had fabricated mountings in advance.    
This is the other F60L Euan bought. It was the donor of the spring hanger. Euan's friend Paul's behind can be seen poking out the front. Despite it's crushed appearance the truck will yield many good parts including the body and a good winch chassis. The rear fairleads are in good condition. Still sporting the tac sign holder and the legend "Load 3 tons". The vehicle's ARN can be stencilled on the rear and is the same as on the front of the truck. Even the canvas mudflaps are almost intact.    
Another F60L which failed to attract a bid is this rough example, also fitted with winch. The tray had been constructed as a tilt tray using the winch.This is another late production vehicle.    
International would make a pretty restoration. No serious rust, this also failed to sell. Can anyone help me with a model number? Max Hedges has a similar vehicle in more complete condition.      
Close-up details of D60L seen on auction page.      

Ford F60L crane conversion. It also had been fitted with a Chevrolet motor and gearbox. It had also been fitted with a different steering box and a non driven front axle.

Build date 7 August 1944. This picture was taken a couple of days after it's 57th birthday.

Interesting use of Ford gearbox as a reduction unit for the relocated winch. The gearbox was chain driven from the PTO on the transfer case.    

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