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Bandiana Army Museum

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In February 2001 I visited the Army Museum at Bandiana near Wodonga in Northern Victoria. In July 2001 a clearing sale was held to clear surplus projects.

Mike Cecil provides these details:

It is the Army Museum Bandiana, which comprises the RAEME, RAAOC, RAAMC, and other Corps collections. The Manager is Major Graham Docksey, and the contact details are PO Box 26 MILPO Bandiana Vic 3694. It is a subordinate unit of the Army History Unit based in Canberra.

They boast a terrific collection and are well worth a visit. Not all of the collection is on display, with a number of vehicles either in the workshop or in storage.

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Ford F60L      
C15 Wireless van      
Chevrolet C60L mobile workshop.      
US6 Studebaker with a CMP workshop body transplant.      
Early Chevrolet 15cwt Dodge D60L    
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