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Bill found my website through an internet connection and noticed S/L Lazarus' photographs from the 380th Bomb Group based in Fenton, Northern Territory.
Bill contacted me in May 2003 and is keen to share images from his father's collection. I'll let Bill tell his story: "My father was William Shek and was the pilot. If you are interested, I have many other original photos of the "Dauntless Dottie", and others, my father collected while serving in Fenton (including strike photos)."
Dauntless Dottie, William Shek's aircraft from 528 Squadron, 380th Bomb Group. Dramatic shot of phosphorous flak explosion shot from a waist position during a mission.    

Bill adds: "As well as the Dauntless Dottie's aircraft commander, my father was also the Operations Officer for the 528th BS at Fenton during '43 and '44. As such, he had access to "official" (and other) photographs taken during flights and raids. He saved many of them and kept them after the war. I went through his collection and scanned many of them. His collection consists of the original paper photos, some of which have suffered from age."

Bill is going to share these with over the next month or so.

"Other than knowing some general information about my Father's tour at Fenton and having some photos of him there, I don't really have any stories. My father didn't talk about the war very much, and wouldn't talk much about it when asked. He separated from the service after the war and flew for TWA for a couple of years. By then, the Air Force had been created as a separate branch and he rejoined and remained in the Air Force as a career officer and pilot. He was, however, always interested in anything to do with the B-24. He flew a B-17 a couple of times and said he hated it. He always maintained that the Liberator was the better aircraft and could fly circles (literally) around most everything else. He did tell me that he once got in trouble when he had a turning contest between his B-24 and a B-17 (not in Fenton, of course). He evidently beat the B-17 badly."