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The Geelong re-enactors had driven and flat-topped their vehicles all the way from Geelong. One of those bravely driven (it's a bloody long way) there was this Chevrolet C60L towing a 4-wheeled trailer

Part of their kit for the Rats of Tobruk re-enctment was this 25 pounder and limber.
I watched their morning rehearsal which was full of shouting and grown men roaring "bang, BANG" and "ratt-a-tat-tat", even the occasional "budda-budda-budda".

Beautiful limber complete with ammo.

This poster was a part of their display. I was particularly interested to see the Recuperator truck on the right - the same type as at Hughes Trading. Note also the Ambulance on the left.

LP2A Carrier which dies of explosions early in the setpiece.

30 CWT Chevrolet restored in LRDG configuration.