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Every year the AWM holds an open day/night. This year it was visited by some 20,000 people who were treated to flying displays by Skyhawks, a wonderful low and slow flypast by a Dakota, Seahawk, RAAF Roulettes, music, the Geelong Re-enactment group and much more. For most of us, however the highlight was the parade of historic military vehicles.    

Great to see four CMPs in convoy. There were some 50 historic MVs present.


Your humble correspondent in a very original, low mileage Chev, a very brave and dangerous move on the part of the owner!

Wiring is also original but has been bypassed for obvious reasons with a temporary ignition system set up. Starting is by crank handle. It starts easily and runs sweetly.


This vehicle has travelled some 36,000 miles from new and still has it's original tyres.

According to the information sheet in the windscreen this truck is a 3- ton version built by GM Canada and imported into Australia as a completely knocked down cab/chassis. General Motors-Holdens built the body and modified the front mudguards to accommodate the 18" wheels. It later served with a country fire service who removed the body and stored it in a shed. The current owner reunited the two and now has a vehicle which is very rare in this condition.

It has been painted a number of times but the camo paint is evident under the hand painted top coat as is this number on the RH mudguard.

Paint colour on the inside of the doors reveals the truck has had overseas service, probably in the Western Desert.

This vehicle has since been acquired from Max Hedges bu the Australian War Memorial.


Chevrolet C15A belonging to Ashley Wilson of Yass, neighbour to the Hedges.


C15 being driven in a relaxed style with a WW2 vet on the roof.


C60L belonging to an AMVCS member


Here's a rarely seen CMP - the C60X, the big beast of the CMP range. Note how the grille is spaced out an extra inch to accommodate the larger GMC 270 motor, although it only has the standard 4 speed gearbox.

The C60X in Australia only had two versions: the workshop/recovery and refueller. Owner has fitted a body more practical to his needs: an ex-ACCO tray. Fuel tanks are also ACCO


Another wonderful sight and sound was this well travelled F60L which has made long excursions into Central Australia. Unusually, this vehicle has been fitted with 15CWT steering and axles. Owner is Bay Kelly.


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