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Ashley Wilson, Yass

I visited Ashley again in June 2001. Since my last visit in March, Ashley has added 6 new CMPs to his already impressive collection. Ashley now has some 16 CMPs and concentrates on Chevrolets, which is just as well as his neighbour Max Hedges prefers Fords.

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Max's collection

First one is this very clean C60S. Not a runner, but reasonably intact. Note the good 10.50 20 tyre. Link to C60S pages
Thr truck had belonged to a bush fire brigade. Interesting "repro" bow tie in brass - someone obviously cared.
Further alonf the hill Ashley has begun a new row of blitzes (he still has a couple more to collect). On the left a very tired C15, and on the right an excellent C60L dropside tray. Late production Chevrolets had their overflow tank mounted under the passenger floor.
The C15 has a Mix of 16 and 20" wheels and has been almost completely "used up".
Another new C15, this one in much better nick and a good restoration project. To the right of the C15 is this engine-less C60L - rough but lots of good parts there.
C60L on 16" tyres which was someone's camper project which didn't get finished. Excellent 16" tyre.