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A F60S restoration from Argentina  Related pages

With thanks again to Luis Mariano La Paz we have these excellent pictures of the restoration of a late production F60S in Argentina.

The truck belongs to Jorge Haddad who restored it for the parade in the Battalion of Intendency 601 Virrey del Pino held in October 2002.
The motor came from a crane mounted on a Mack in the town of Villa Gessell where it sat for some years.
Luis comments the motor started with no problems thanks to the efforts of the mechanics.
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With the body removed the winch is revealed, although it appears to have been disconnected and a sprocket has been fitted to the power take off. The chassis shows the typical double rear cross member of a winch equipped truck. The supports mounted to the axle are a mystery and are retained in the restoration. Perhaps they are shock absorbers.    
Obviously no Ford grille was available. The bumper is a typical late production example with the spring bumper mounted on the front rather than the rear as in earlier versions, the crank hadle bracket is bolted to the front and the bumper has small holes near the ends.      
  Part of the rear fairleads have survived.