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"Meet you under the clocks" - the famous sight of the Flinders Street railway station as we form up for the final parade of vehicles to the Shrine. One of three Austin Champs is partially obscured by a 1937 Austin restored as a staff car. We made sure both Euan's CMPs were side by side for the parade.
Euan and Doug concentrate on the job at hand. I took a moment out to grab some shots further up the line.
The larger vehicles in the parade. The WOT 2A is fairly unusual in this country. The forward control Landrover had a large V8 and sounded like a caged beast waiting to spring. A closer look at the WOT riding on 9.00 16 rubber. Len Shutt's C8AX is behind.
Turning towards the Shrine. Plentiful Jeeps are popular for this type of event with open tops they are ideal for carrying vets.
They look the part, don't they.
At the end of the parade the vehicles assembled in the grounds of the Shrine for people to get a closer look.
The other side of the picture.
A couple of the other larger vehicles, 1941 Ford And US6 Studebaker.
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