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On April 25th each year we remember those who served in our armed services in times of conflict with a dawn service followed by a myriad of "gunfire" breakfasts and street parades in both major cities and country towns. In 2004 I accompanied Euan and Doug as they took Euan's C15A and CGT to the Melbourne parade, under the control of the Victorian Military Vehicle Corps.
This is what it's all about; veterans being cheered by the appreciative crowd. Each year brings crowds of both veterans and their families, with the dwindling numbers of WW2 vets more of the younger people are joining the march, proudly wearing their father's or grandfather's medals on the left breast, often carrying pictures of their heroes. It's a wonderful tribute to their memory. Proud Scout carries the flag for the 2/8th Aust Army Regiment.
We made two runs with the vets, this pair belonged to an armoured regiment. Taking advantage of the CGT's two roof hatches they waved to the enthusiastic crowd.
The view from inside as we ferry vets from HMAS Sydney. A cross section of the crowd waiting outside the famous Young and Jacksons pub on the corner of Flinders and Swanston streets. The pub, incidentally was doing a roaring trade.
Outside the Melbourne Town Hall waiting to join the parade. The other end of the journey, leadng up to the Shrine of Remembrance. The troops marched up the steps past the review marquee where they were greeted by various dignitaries.
And here are those persons: in the frame of the crew door the Governor of Victoria John Landy while in the right-hand frame the Premier of Victoria Steve Bracks (in brown overcoat) and the leader of the opposition Robert Doyle flank the Chief Comissioner of Police, Pauline Nixon. After unloading the final batch of vets we paused behind the Shrine for a photo opportunity.
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