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Ballarat, 100km from Melbourne was a heavily used RAAF training base during the war, with aircraft such as Vultee Vengeance, B24 Liberator and a large contingent of Avro Ansons.
Alan Penhall owns and is restoring one of these aircraft to static condition.
Alan Penhall has been carefully rebuilding this aircraft ofer a number of years. It is a remarkable achievement and is being done on an absolute shoestring. Alan deserves all the support he can get, so please make a point of visiting this fascinating workshop when you are next in Ballarat. The workshop is located about 5 kilometers out of town. He can be reached on 0353324651 The museum is open on weekends after 1pm or by arrangement with Alan. The Avro type 652A Anson entered RAAF service in 1939. This particilar aircraft served with 1 WAGS (Wireless Air Gunners Squadron) at Ballarat. 72 Ansons served at Ballarat and all were scrapped in 1946.




Wireless operator's position and (right) turret. This turret is from a Beaufort and was built by the Victorian Railways annexe at Fairfield in Victoria. My father trained on Ansons and Beauforts at East Sale as a Wireless operator/air gunner. A display such as this helps me picture him at the various positions in the aircraft. I can rfemember him telling me about having the job of hand cranking the undercarriage up and down.

Although the Anson usually had an Armstrong Whitworth turret Alan has photographic evidence of at least one fitted to an Anson.

Alan also has some parts from a Fairey Battle. This is the cockpit section. He also has the firewall and engine mount. Alan commented the Battles were cut behind the seat to render the fuselage unusable.
These four pictures were sent to me by Jeffo in October 2005.