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Anakie, Victoria

About 16km from Geelong is the interestingly named town of Anakie, set at the foot of the Brisbane Ranges. I visited in September 2002, and whilst photographing the Anakie Fairy Park I could not help but notice the town has a more generous than normal supply of CMPs. No less than 4 businesses in this small town have a CMP and at least one is in regular use with a couple of others in running order.
There are 6 CMPs in this picture nestled in the sleepy town of Anakie. No CMPs here, but I just had to share this picture of the entrance to the park which is built on a granite outcrop on Mt. Anakie.
This truck is closest to the park, almost next door in fact. It's a C60S set up as a trailer tractor.
At the opposite end of town is an engineering works with this active lengthened C15A. Now fitted with a Holden red motor it serves as a reverse-steering yard crane.
In a mechanic's yard is this pair of CMPs, a F30 on the left and a C15A.
The F30 has been recovered by Euan's father-in-law Iain who soon had it running again.
The C60S has been modified (as were a number) for the State Electricity Commission to lop tree branches.
It has been extensively modified including a lengthened chassis and extensive cab mods. The rig on the back has been removed but consisted of a swivelling boom with an electric over hydraulic chainsaw arrangement on the end.
SEC instructions to the operator. The engine cover still had the only ID plate on the truck with the contract number but no date.
Judging by the rubber steering wheel I'd say it's a 1942 model. The side curtain has been remade (probably when the truck was reconfigured) along with the seat upholstery in black viny. They are made to the original pattern. The truck has a two speed transfer case fitted.
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