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Aircraft from 1 Mobile Litho Unit album.

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Like many of us, the photographer was also fascinated by the aircraft he saw on Morotai. He took many snapshots which I have arranged in three categories:
In service
Nose (and other) art
Aircraft Graveyard.
See Morotai page for more information
B 25 belonging to the Netherland East Indies airforce
Row of Australian Spitfires of 79 squadron on Wama airstrip. The nearest aircraft is A58-547 which is a Mk Vc.
More info on 79 Squadron here.
Very Australian artwork! This aircraft is A58-526 UP-R of 79 squadron.
Thanks to Mal Kingston for this information. Mal has a fascinating site dealing with this subject.
He has also done a colour profile of this aircraft. This aircraft was written off in a ground collision with A58-487 in September 1945. A58-509 was a LF VIII and was converted to components in October 1945 after brake failure in Rockhampton, Queensland.
P51D Mustang - USAAF. Boeing B17. The heavy bombers were used on missions against the Japanese as far away as the Philippines.
B 24 Liberator belonging to the famous "Long Ranger" outfit. 442377 P61 Black Widow "Dame de la nuit" - "Lady of the night".
Curtiss C46 Commando transport aircraft. Australian C47 Dakota transports of 38 Squadron RAAF. Note CMP C60X tanker at right.
More info on 38 Squadron here.
P38 Lightning.
Corsair with Lightning behind. Another shot of the same aircraft.
Australian production Beaufighter A8 216 the nearest.
Row of P40 Kittyhawks in RAAF service. The nearest is P-40N A29-98. Kittyhawks, the nearest A29-1205
Australian production Mosquito FB Mk 40s. More Labuan pictures USAAF B 25 Mitchells in "Barge Buster" confuguration taxi out on a mission.    
Republic P47D Thunderbolts OA-10 Catalinas at graceful rest. These aircraft belong to the 3rd Rescue Squadron, 5th AF    
Douglas A20G "Marty" 322243. Nakajima Ki-49 Army type 100 Heavy Bomber codename "Helen" which brought the Japanese surrender party to the signing ceremony, Morotai, 1945. The crew await events. Aircraft carrying surrender delegations were painted white with green crosses, although some only had the crosses over the hinomaru rising sun emblems.
More pics of this aircraft can be seen on the Australian War Memorial site. See also the Morotai surrender ceremony images.

The Australian War Memorial has several additional photographs of this aircraft. Look at neg numbers P01933.001

Thanks to Grant Goodale for this research.