Table of contents

1 Mobile Lithographic Section album

These images come from an album in the collection of the RSL Victorian Branch. The album itself is carefully and thoughtfully laid out with incredibly neat handwriting. It covers the training period in Queensland in May 1944 through to their deployment in Morotai, finishing with detailed images and ephemera of the Japanese surrender. There is also a number of shots of aircraft.
On this page I'll feature the MV shots. The photographs are all small black and white prints, some of which I have enlarged to reveal fascinating detail.

See also aircraft pictures from this album.

3 C60L GS CMPs. Take a closer look at the centre truck... ...which has the canvas windscreen bags fitted. This is the only photograph I've seen of these. They were intended as an anti-aircraft measure to stop sun reflections when the windscreens were in the open position. Small footman loops were provided on the front of the roof for tie downs on some vehicles.
The photographic and lithographic trailers belonging to the unit seen at Grovely, 1944.
Unfortunately CMPS weren't the focus of this cameraman so we have to be content with glimpses. This ont taken in Morotai in 1945 at their camp.
Group of portraits taken around a favourite Jeep.
Morotai base hospital with a few Chevrolte CMPs in evidence. Note the stylish fence.
The Navy stores depot. Thought I recognised a familiar shape! Looks like a cab 12 as well behind the Jeep. This image has been enlarged almost 1000%.
Nice shot of a DUKW in Australian service. Looks pretty relaxed.