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Alberton, Vic      
Kevin Currie owned these two C60S CMPs and is located in Alberton, South Gippsland. This vehicle was sold to Bob Moseley in 2007 to become part of his 'Project Phoenix" - a half track replica.      
The C60S WO30 has been fitted with new 12.00 X 20 tyres and is really straight and rust-free. WO30 is listed as a kitchen.      
The truck has evidently been through a cosmetic restoration some time ago. Kevin reckons his dog did this damage to the seats.The hard rubber steering wheel marks this as an early 1942 model.
This truck was purchased a couple of years ago from a bloke in Woorarra, not far from my mother's property. It was fully road registered, but according to Kevin the owner was required to pay more registration once he had fitted the larger tyres.
Wooden sides for the military body. He also has hoodbows. The truck still has all its data plates which is unusual. This one is particularly rare.    
Supply Mech 2127. WO 30 deontes a kitchen body.    
The other C60S is a WO 78 version, which was a No6 artillery tractor, once fitted with a CMP winch as is evidenced by the remains of the Australian pattern front fairleads.  See also John Belfield's No6 Bofors body.    
The truck has been substantially modified and fitted with a heavy duty winch with a reduction gearbox. Engine is siezed and the truck is probably only good for a few parts. Kevin reckons the tyres are worth about A$1,000. Passenger door is from a Ford.    
The chassis has some very heavy plating. The rig looks to have been designed to pull cables, such as power cables across valleys. Many CMPs were used in this role in the 50s and 60s by construction companies. Red paint possibly indicated fire truck service at some stage.